Winning ingredients – inspiration and determination

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If you want to follow your dream you must be determined. Jean Ashley is our own local heroine who is rising to three challenges with great purpose.

We have fine examples of well-known heroes who run races, climb mountains to achieve their goals.  Nothing is finer than to stand at the finish and witness line crossing with hands held high.  The end of the race is the icing on the cake – tip of the iceberg – a small part of the work put into that achievement.  Making it happen is hard going; we can never underestimate how much time, effort and true grit goes into success.

Achieving a goal with purpose makes is even more worthwhile, a personal goal scored can become an even bigger celebration if it helps others.  No faster run, no higher climb nor greater feeling than sharing success to benefit an individual or charity.

Jean is a very modest highly accomplished athlete.  Jean is inspirational and her purpose very moving.  Jean decided to do her most recent challenge for BEAT.  Read Jean’s story:

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