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Content to drive your business to a new destination

Is your business Online?  Why change is good for you!

Evolution of marketing channels

Online presence for a business was once a luxury – it is now essential.  Finding out information in the Yellow pages has been replaced by Googling.  Now everybusiness should have a website – a shop window. Listen up – a website is much more than a place where information is shared; it is a battleground where opportunities can arise to show off how your business in different from the rest.

Content marketing – What is it?

Content marketing is great way to share free on-line material.  Content marketing can be done through blogs, posts and videos. The aim is to make your content into the “Go-to” place for information.

Content marketing – Why do I need it?

  • Searching for information?You want to be top of the list – so making sure of this is called search engine optimisation.  It is an unknown science, but good content will contribute to giving any business higher visibility in search engines.
  • Authority status for your business? Sharing helpful and interesting content will help to gain domain authority and result in more referral traffic from inbound links.
  • Adding brand value. Being held in high esteem is a great target for any business. Demonstrating that you’re are keeping up-to-date with your industry and wittering on about ways you can help your customers better – will add positive value to your brand.
  • Contemporary audiences don’t read adverts anymore. This is a much more exciting way of exchanging information and getting your business out there.
  • Conversion and sales improve if you are constantly talking to your customers. Content is King!

Look out for our blog on creating a successful business-to-business content marketing strategy

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