Angela Witter  DipM, FCIM, PGCE Chartered Marketer

I started working in sales, marketing and public relations over thirty years ago and I love to write.  If you read local and regional newspapers, you will almost certainly have read my press reports.

Best performance, good news and exciting changes are often perfectly reflected and deservedly celebrated by a great speech and endorsed in a good blog, a well-read newspaper or an in-house newsletter.   As a teacher, I am inspired by learners who have wonderful ideas and effectively put them into practice using some innovative communication techniques.

I have experience working in a range of different industries including estate management, fine art, health care and education.  As a lifelong learner, myself, I am enthused when I listen and read the insights of great business leaders and high profile marketing specialists.

I am passionate about communications – reading, writing, blogging and of course talking with laughter – which is what TED Talks do.  They are great and I aspire to teach just like them.

My best days are spent writing innovative content for newspaper articles, websites and adverts.  I like to create engaging fictional and factual stories from everyday occurrences to generate interest and improve understanding.

The right words make a difference; from simply a great caption for a picture or photograph to a well-planned article or speech. Communication at its best can emphasise unique meaning and make it memorable.