How WitterOn can help you…

Our founder, Angela Witter started WitterOn to provide a flexible marketing offering.
The concept:
If you want to do some strategic planning yourself but don’t know how, we can teach you. Or, you can enjoy doing the business you set out to do and WitterOn can help you with your marketing. 


 Social Media/Blogging/Content Writing  

Creating engaging content that people actually read.

Writing social media is more complex than you might think. We can help you create content and campaigns that reaches and inspires your audience, helping to increase sales conversions. 

Starting a business?

We can help you create your marketing plan

Every business starts with an idea. We can help you sell that idea to the right audience.

Teaching & Mentoring

Studying, inquisitive, or just wanting to brush up on a few skills?

Whether you’re wanting to learn about marketing models or how to use social media for your business, or even how to use Google Analytics to support your business objectives – we can help.