After a successful career in sales, marketing & public relations I set up WitterOn Marketing.

Help is at hand with Marketing & PR:

My long-term clients and former employers will confirm I consistently get them great results in terms of engagement and conversions.
I’m a valuable addition to a large in-house marketing team – and a reliable standalone solution for smaller clients. I can also work with digital marketing and design agencies delivering content to meet their clients’ needs.
I have a strong academic background and can take on the highest level of technical writing projects. I grasp complex concepts quickly and make them clear and accessible.

Why help is at hand for students and business training:

As a qualified teacher, working in the marketing industry means my teaching in business is relevant and up to date.  I offer coaching to support learners through their exams and assignments as well as a bespoke training service for businesses setting up or approaching change.

Achievable results
My rates are competitive and clients have the flexibility to increase or decrease workloads as business dictates.